Maximize your potential and achieve your definition of success.

Kristin Burke is a goal achievement coach who collaborates with women, entrepreneurs and leaders to help them maximize their potential and achieve their definitions of success.

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I’m Kristin! I’m a self-development enthusiast and passionate about goal achievement! 

your goal achievement coach

I launched my coaching practice with over a decade of experience coaching and developing hundreds of financial advisors for a FORTUNE 200 firm. I designed my coaching platform around the elements necessary to achieve breakout performances. My clients excel with goal clarity, grow their confidence and consistently pursue progress in the direction of their goals. I'm committed to empowering you to elevate your career and achieve your definition of success

since working with me, my clients have:

Accelerated their success

Grown their businesses 100% within one year

I am passionate about advancing women professionally. My curiosity for work-life integration blossomed in graduate school where I authored a thesis on women and work-life balance. After concluding that the word balance communicates an unrealistic reality, I am on a quest to help women thrive both personally and professionally. 

I am married to my high-school sweetheart, Joe, and we live near the beach in Southern California with our vivacious daughter, Scarlett.  Outside of work, I enjoy finding my flow in yoga, reading and playing golf. 

Increased their confidence in achieving their goals

Because of Kristin, I grew my business by 100% and blew my stretch goal out of the water.


The Kristin Burke Coaching Method

an experience as unique as your business

When you collaborate with Kristin Burke for coaching you can expect a blend of support and challenge.

She will help you gain clarity on your most meaningful goals, establish a plan to move you closer to goal achievement, help you track your progress and hold you accountable to taking courageous action. Her coaching style blends strategic brainstorms and mindset discussions that explore the limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving a breakout performance. 



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⭢ Ideal for clients who can commit 90 minutes (two 45-minute sessions) per month to achieve their goals.
⭢ Requires a willingness to be open and accountable to commitments.
⭢ Clients should plan to engage in their growth and development for at least six months.

the details:

Individual coaching is for you if you are seeking breakout performances and are committed to achieving next-level goals! Clients can expect to gain goal clarity, establish intentional plans and progress tracking towards their goals. As we work together, you will learn more about yourself, grow your confidence and take action in the direction of your goals.

Individual Coaching

Kristin holds me accountable and helps me think through ideas from multiple angles. The consistent touch points help in making sure that my mindset and drive are remaining in line with the goals we set and work through. Emily Halal Financial Advisor | Growth & Development Director

study group facilitation



⭢ Ideal for existing study groups of six or fewer members.
⭢ Requires commitment to complete monthly pre-work and attend 90-minute group sessions.
⭢ Provides increased accountability from coach and peers for improved goal achievement.

the details:

Study group facilitation is for groups that desire coordination, strategic talking points, improved momentum and accountability. Study groups will help you establish an achievement mindset and minimize emotional decision-making. Facilitation integrates frequently discussed coaching topics such as growing confidence, personalizing prospecting, overcoming roadblocks and embracing tracking and ratios.

Study Group Facilitation

What I appreciate about this study group, is that it is calendared, organized, facilitated by an outside consultant, and that there are ground rules and clear expectations of everyone in the group. This allows us to go from ordinary to elite! Dustee Ingram | Chief Development Officer

planning days



⭢ Planning days require a team commitment to attend and actively participate in the event, typically held before a new year or upcoming specified period.

the details:

Planning days are designed for leaders and teams who want to develop a comprehensive and documented strategic plan through a complete, guided process. Participants will leave the event with a clear vision, goal clarity, defined strategies, ownership of goal achievement and documented priorities and strategies. During planning days you will undergo visioning, reflecting, brainstorming and planning to set intentional and meaningful goals.

Planning Days

We continually ask her back each year because of her ability to help our team achieve at the highest level and exceed the goals we have for ourselves and the office. Steven Trujillo, CLU Managing Partner 



Are you ready to turn your dreams into actionable goals and your goals into remarkable achievements? If your answer is yes, this course is designed for you! Whether you're a seasoned business owner, leader, or have an entrepreneurial spirit, this course will empower you to set, plan, and achieve your goals effectively.

By enrolling in this course, you can expect to gain valuable skills that will benefit your business, career, and personal life. Whether you want to grow your business, enhance your productivity, advance in your profession, or simply learn how to set and achieve meaningful goals, this course will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.


I have always set goals but never understood how important it was to set my most meaningful goal that aligned with my vision. I now know what to focus on - and how to get there -  and I'm having my most successful year EVER as a result.
Meredith Kasheta

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01. Submit Application

Answer a few questions to let us know why you want to engage in coaching. We will review applications and determine if it makes sense to coordinate a consultation call. 

02. Schedule a Consultation Call

We will send you a calendar invitation to discuss collaborating for coaching. Our agenda is to get to know you, your goals and your past coaching experiences. We will explain our coaching platform and if there is synergy during our call we will schedule a follow-up. 

03. Review Proposal

Kristin will create a proposal based on the consultation call outlining potential coaching discussion topics. She will also share with you the breakout plan which will serve as the foundation for your coaching calls.

04. Decision Making Call

Within a week of the consultation call, we will connect to discuss the proposal and if appropriate finalize logistics for the initial coaching call. Deciding to commit to your growth is a powerful step in achieving a breakout performance!

05. Breakout Plan

Complete breakout plan in advance of initial coaching call. Come prepared to present the plan to Kristin for feedback and begin your journey towards goal achievement. 

In my first 6 months of working with Kristin my business grew 54.1%. By the end of the first year with Kristin my business grew by 112.5%. In my second year with Kristin, my business is already up nearly 45% from my first year with her. This growth has made a huge impact on my overall confidence as an advisor, but as a leader within the field too. Beyond the numbers, Kristin has taught me how to be a better coach to my mentees and her impact goes beyond my own practice now into the practices of other new advisors.  

Kristin has, by far, been the best investment I have ever made in my practice!

corey w.

Some days are not perfect, and she gets me out of my slump and reenergized. She also is able to push me to think bigger and gives me tools and resources I’m able to share and use with my own team. Kristin makes me feel like I’m her only client, not only do I appreciate the tools and resources she shares with me, but I also appreciate our comic relief, and how she pushes me to celebrate my personal wins.

Every time I leave a coaching call with Kristin, I have an action plan. I appreciate that not only do I take call notes, but SHE takes notes for me as well. It’s interesting to capture both perspectives, and it’s helpful when circling back. Kristin has taught me how to actually set and achieve goals. Goals are more complicated than just “working hard” she teaches me to work smarter. Because of the tools I’ve learned about how to set and achieve goals, my team also thrives using these tools and we have seen our production increase.

What I enjoy about working with Kristin is that she meets me where I’m at. 


Kristin helps me simplify my thoughts and pinpoints targeted action so I can take small steps in the pursuit of some realllllly big things I am working on. She’s a mom with really big goals herself so she just gets it!!!
It’s kept me focused. It’s kept things simple. It’s allowed me to get some of the feelings, beliefs, and emotions out along the way which there isn’t always a space to do this. Kristin makes space for that and that is really valuable.

Every session is a chance to bring a business/life moving 100 mph down to a slow crawl so I can get hyper focused on what my top priorities are.


It's been so amazing working with Kristin. She has an expertise in coaching that can transition to so many business types. She can speak to all types of business. My favorite thing about her is how much joy she has for coaching others. You can see it shine through in everything she does! She holds me accountable and cheers me on. She tells me to go for it, even when I don't feel ready. She has instilled me with tremendous confidence to dream big and actually see those dreams come to fruition!

Kristin's exuberance is contagious and she truly has a gift for pulling out the absolutely best performer in you.


Along with learning skills, you have endless practical hacks for work flow and organization to help make my day more productive. I didn’t really know how to delegate, or follow up on delegated tasks. You also helped me determine realistic time frames for prospecting, and how to most effectively use that time.

I think a big part of the reason I was able to accomplish and learn so much working with you is because you are so relatable. I felt comfortable sharing my weaknesses and really digging in to improve. 

I’m so excited to build my career with the confidence and skills you’ve given me. 

Kristin has been a game-changer for my career growth. 



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