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Kristin Burke is a goal achievement coach who collaborates with women, entrepreneurs and leaders to help them maximize their potential and achieve their definitions of success.

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with Ashley Rice from the Lavender Lifestyle “I’m too busy to work out.” “I don’t have the time to take care of myself.” “I hate the way my body looks.” Do any of these statements resonate with you? If so, then my recent Elite Achievement guest will inspire you to step into your power and […]



with David Shechtman Hey goal achievers, Kristin here. I recently interviewed a guest on the Elite Achievement podcast that I met a decade ago when an old employer hired him as a consultant. I coordinated many of his workshops and sessions, and as a result, invited myself to attend for my own growth and development. […]



with L.Y. Marlow Hey goal achievers, Kristin here. We all encounter monsters such as regret, worry, guilt, or fear on our goal achievement journeys. And I’m excited that recently, I connected with someone who teaches people how to get rid of those monsters so we can reclaim our power. During our conversation on the Elite […]