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10 Things About Me

  1. I married my high-school sweetheart. After over 20 years of being with the same human I’ve learned a lot about myself and relationships. Simply put, relationships take work to go from good to great. I let go of expecting the perfect fairly-tale romance and started to appreciate the daily laughs and journey of doing life together. 
  2. I am a mom to a vivacious blonde little girl. My desire to be more present with my daughter fueled my leap into self-employment. I am amazed at her memory, zest for life and creativity with play. Our kids can teach us a lot about life if we slow down enough to appreciate their youthful perspectives. 
  3. Working out is my jam! I’ve run marathons, dipped my toe in the water for sprint tri-athalons, power walked while pregnant and grew to love yoga. I taught spin classes at multiple gyms in LA before having my daughter and love the feeling of accomplishment after a good workout. I used to work out to look a certain way but now I work out to feel a certain way. Progress! 
  4. Pizza is my favorite food! We eat pizza multiple times per week in our house. I love to make pizza with a garden full of veggies and Boboli crust. When it comes to delivery pizza, STL has LA beat. There is nothing like an Imo’s or Serra’s pizza. The hubs and I love pizza so much our wedding rehearsal dinner was at Serra’s.
  5. I’ve been pescatarian for over a decade! If it comes from the land or sky, it’s a hard no for me. We’ve been to some of the best steakhouses and I’ve tested my non-meat-eating habits and it’s still a NO. I feel better eating fruits, veggies and beans. I do know protein is important so I stick to fish once and a while. 
  6. It’s all about the bubbles – bubble water as we call it. I’ve been a non-soda drinker for a decade and reach for sparkling water when I am bored with plain water. 
  7. Coffee in the AM and wine in the PM. Non-fat lattes from Starbucks, k-pods with a splash of non-fat milk and Hazelnut from Panera are my favorite ways to jumpstart my day.  When it comes to wine, I prefer mine red and from Oregon. 
  8. There’s hardly a day that goes by without music. Dave Matthews Band is still my favorite! When I need to think or relax it’s DMB. Chainsmokers radio along with hip-hop BBQ top my Pandora rotations. 
  9. Growing up, I was not an avid reader. As an adult, I’ve learned to love reading. I set reading goals each year and read over 20 books. I’m currently geeking out over Marie Forelo’s Everything is Figureoutable. I wish I would have read the Subtle Art of Not Giving a F years ago. I gravitate towards running books and books written by women for women (Girl, Stop Apologizing!)
  10. I love LA! Yes, it’s expensive to live in LA and there is traffic. I love the electrifying feeling of imagination and making it big thanks to Hollywood. LA feels welcoming to all types (super easy to eat pescatarian) and is a melting pot for diversity.