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Goal Achievement

3 Goal Review Processes that Work

If you want to achieve your goals, you need to make sure you are making time to intentionally review your progress towards them – why? Reviewing your goals helps keep what is important to you top of mind, assess what is working vs. not working and gives you the opportunity to redefine your priorities so you can consistently make progress.

So, I want to share three goal review processes that are going to make a huge impact on your goal achievement journey this year.

One – The Friday Ritual: Weekly Goal Review Process

The Friday Ritual is simple and impactful. Each week:

  1. Write down your weekly wins
  2. Lessons learned
  3. And priorities for the next week

I use a journal because I love the feeling of putting pen to paper! Pull up your calendar and look back at the start of the week; write down any wins either personal or professional. Think about the progress you are making towards your goals, the impact you are having with clients and any exciting opportunities that came up. This first step is critical as highlighting wins builds confidence and the more we recognize progress and momentum, the more we want to continue progressing and building momentum towards our goals. 

The second step, noting lessons you learned throughout the week, is also important if you want to grow courage and the ability to embrace failure. The third step of writing down your priorities should result in a few key action items you need to accomplish in the next week to move closer to achieving your goals. This will help you consistently make progress towards them.

Two – Month-End Goal Review: Monthly Goal Review Process

At the start of a new month, set aside time to review your goals. There are four steps to this process:

  1. Rewrite all of your goals
  2. Identify the progress you’ve already made or where you’re on-track
  3. Identify where you’re falling behind or are off-track
  4. Identify 3-4 priorities for the new month

It is important to start by rewriting your goals to commit them to memory, thereby increasing your likelihood of achievement. It’s hard to forget the goals you set at the beginning of a new year if you set aside the time to intentionally note, review and reflect on them each month. Then identify the progress you’ve already made by asking yourself questions such as, what goals have I achieved? What is working? Where am I on-track? Like celebrating weekly wins, recognizing progress builds confidence and excitement to keep going after your goals. The third step isn’t as much fun, but it’s critically important. When you are looking at where you’re falling behind or off-track, instead of beating yourself up, get curious about your progress by asking questions such as – where am I off-track? Why am I off-track? What do I want to do about being off-track? Understanding why you are falling behind can help you form new habits and beliefs that will ultimately help you achieve your goals.

And with the final step of identifying 3-4 priorities for next month, ask yourself questions such as – what do I need to do this month to keep progressing towards my goals? When will I accomplish these priorities? How will I track these priorities?

The Month-End Goal Review keeps your goals top of mind, and gives you the space to be creative and brainstorm different ways to achieve your goals.

Three – Quarterly Review: Quarterly Goal Review Process

The final process I want to share with you is the Quarterly Review. The power of the Quarterly Review lies in pinpointing a few key strategies that will build momentum towards your goals when executed. Here are the four steps for this process:

  1. Read your long-term vision
  2. Answer a series of questions regarding the current quarter (that is coming to a close)
  3. Answer a series of questions regarding the next quarter
  4. Identify the strategies or priorities you will focus on in the next quarter

Start the Quarterly Review by reading your long-term vision. Reminding yourself of who you want to be and where you want to go long-term is a great way to align the strategies you plan to implement in the next quarter to the bigger picture. As you read your vision, answer the questions – what stands out? Where have I made progress? How does this vision need to evolve? Next, answer the following questions regarding the current quarter that is coming to a close:

  • What is my most meaningful goal for the year?
  • What progress did I make towards my goal this quarter?
  • Do I consider myself to be on-track or off-track and why?
  • Where did I excel this quarter?
  • What lessons did I learn this quarter?

For a full list of questions, click here to read my quarterly review blog post. Now that you’ve reflected on the quarter that’s coming to a close and checked in with your mindset, it’s time to plan for what’s to come by answering the following questions about the next quarter:

  • What is working as I strive to achieve my goals that I want to continue in the next quarter?
  • What goal do I want to achieve next quarter to set myself up for year-end success?
  • What changes do I need to make to my calendar in the next quarter to achieve my goal?

Conclude the Quarterly Review by identifying three strategies you will focus on in the next quarter that align with your most meaningful goal – one that excites you, one that scares you and one that is fundamental to your success. These strategies will all serve different purposes to energize you, stretch you outside of your comfort zone and ultimately bring you closer to achieving your goals.

The Quarterly Review, Month-End Goal Review and Friday Ritual all work together to provide you with the clarity, confidence, courage and consistency needed on the goal achievement journey.

Are you ready to take action? Go to your calendar and schedule time for your reviews! Are you interested in learning more about goal review processes? Click here to listen to my podcast episode or here to download my Mid-Year Goal Check-In to reconnect you to your goals and reignite your passion and drive for their achievement.

By reflecting and planning for the second quarter, we still have three quarters remaining in 2023 to grow, evolve our limiting beliefs, establish new habits and make massive progress in the direction of our most meaningful goals.