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I had the chance to connect with Elite Achievement podcast guest and LinkedIn expert Lindsey McMillion Stemann to discuss some of the exciting things that have happened in her business since our episode aired.

Free LinkedIn Masterclass & Course

Lindsey, also known as “LinkedIn Lindsey,” is the owner of McMillion Consulting as well as a speaker, writer, and prospecting trainer. As her nickname suggests, Lindsey teaches professionals how to use LinkedIn as a business tool to drive revenue as well as expand their personal and professional networks. Lindsey advocates that “teaching should be practical in order for learning to be actionable,” and she has implemented this teaching technique in a variety of settings from Fortune 500 companies to boutique advising firms. Now, Lindsey is ready to teach you about the world’s most powerful business networking platform with her free live masterclass 3 Simple and Powerful Ways to Crush it on LinkedIn that is open again for enrollment.

I wanted to talk to Lindsey more about all of this, so I asked what inspired her to create and offer this masterclass and course. She says, “Before this, in more than seven years of being a LinkedIn expert, I had not provided a way for anyone to access my brain unless they paid a premium. Not having a solution was incredibly limiting in the number of people I could reach and impact. So, we decided to create, build and offer a free masterclass, 3 Simple & Powerful Ways to Crush It on LinkedIn and a digital course, The Complete LinkedIn Profile Course, that gives more people, more access. It’s a win-win!”

Since this is Lindsey’s second time launching 3 Simple & Powerful Ways to Crush It on LinkedIn, I ask her to tell us any lessons she learned from the first launch that she is applying this time around. “Oh my gosh, they are countless!” Lindsey begins. “The first two lessons that come to mind: 1. Noah’s ark wasn’t built in a day. As much work as we put into the first launch last year, we kept it simple. So, we’re pumped to include more bonuses and access to our members enrolling this time around. 2. When I had my moments of taking myself too seriously, I had to remember to have fun. It helped and it is fun!”

I think Lindsey makes some excellent points here about progress over perfection and remembering to have fun. Who doesn’t need the occasional reminder that any progress is good progress and to have more fun when launching something new? This prompts me to bring up the four common roadblocks to goal achievement: perfection, not wanting to promote ourselves or our services, “I don’t have time,” and fear. I ask Lindsey if these roadblocks came up at all when launching her course, and if so, how she overcame them. She replies, “There was a healthy level of uncertainty, but I made a promise to myself to go all in and that no matter what, I owed it to everyone else to give this a shot! Having a strong network of supporters like my husband, you Kristin, and other friends and mentors to remind me that I am awesome and my good and bad “role” days are not my identity.”

Of course, no conversation is complete without touching base on current wins and business updates, so I ask Lindsey to share hers. She says, “We received amazing feedback from our first cohort of course members, so we are really excited to be in launch-mode again of both the webinar and course.” More generally speaking, Lindsey shares “I’m exploring taking the business another direction in a few weeks. More discovery, more learning and exploring. It’s never a dull moment at McMillion Consulting!”

Change Your LinkedIn Game in a Big Way

It was lovely catching up with Lindsey and if you’re interested in getting the most out of your LinkedIn account, there is truly no one better to learn from than Lindsey McMillion Stemann. This free masterclass and digital course are the perfect starting point as you will learn the most critical tactics necessary to stand out, real life examples from successful LinkedIn members, the single most important question you should really be asking, and more. You can reserve your spot now and learn more about the masterclass and course by clicking here.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lindsey and what she’s up to at McMillion Consulting, please visit her company’s website. 3 Simple & Powerful Ways to Crush It on LinkedIn will be launching this Tuesday, March 16th at 12 P.M. EST with 3 more time slots through Friday, March 25th. You can trust Lindsey when she says that “your LinkedIn game is about to change in a BIG way.”