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elite achievement goal setting series

Goal Achievement

Elite Achievement Goal Setting Series

Hey goal achievers, Kristin here. I have an exciting announcement – today I officially launched my first program, the Elite Achievement Goal Setting Series!

What is the Elite Achievement Goal Setting Series?

  • First and foremost, it is a four-week program that consists of four hour-long sessions. For these sessions, think a course meets a workshop meets coaching. Each session is facilitated by me live and covers the four goal setting pillars. Participants will learn how to go beyond goal setting to achieve their goals. 
  • I’ve coached hundreds of small business owners and helped them close the gap between the goal set and goal achieved.
  • The strategies you’ll learn in this series are the ones I used to generate over a quarter of a million dollars in revenue my first year in business.
  • In addition to the four sessions, I am hosting four Q&A sessions so participants can get their individual questions answered. 
  • Participants will also receive workbooks that facilitate visioning, reflecting and identifying your most meaningful goal as well as establishing a breakout plan.

What Inspired Me to Create the Elite Achievement Goal Setting Series?

I was inspired to create this series to close the gap between goals set and goals achieved. In December, I emailed my copywriter and asked “What would it take to create a course?” My goal was to launch a course in 2021, but I wasn’t sure what it would look like. January came and went with no progress. Then February hit and I began to brainstorm: identifying course objectives, formatting the four pillars of my goal setting formula and conceptualizing an interactive course component that participants could engage with. I instantly became concerned about the timing, felt like I had missed my opportunity and then realized – there is a lot of focus and attention on goal setting in January. However, I have coached enough people to know achieving goals – especially if you are going after a goal that is not meaningful  – is difficult and does not become any less difficult as the year progresses. In fact, often the opposite is true.

June marks the halfway point for 2021, so I think it is the ideal time to launch the series and encourage people to reset and refocus for the remainder of the year!

A lot of people can benefit from going through the Elite Achievement Goal Setting Series, but I am dedicating the June series to women who own client-based businesses. This could include financial services, real estate or professional services such as copywriting. Simply put, if your business relies on finding and serving clients then the June session is for you. 

This decision was based on marketing research, client feedback, current group coaching and my own experience. I’ve been a part of both women-only and co-ed groups and for me there is a different level of vulnerability and support that comes from being in a women-only group. If you are reading this and thinking that you would like to participate in the series but are not a woman who owns a client-based business, stay tuned as my plan is to host different groups in the future!

Overcoming Roadblocks in Creating the Elite Achievement Goal Setting Series

It’s important to me that I share the “behind the scenes” and discuss some of my roadblocks while creating this series. I often struggled watching people I admired take risks in their careers or launch programs because I thought they had it all figured out. What I’ve learned is that most of us don’t have it all figured out, we show up imperfectly and learn as we go. 

I believe there are four common roadblocks to goal achievement:

  1. Fear
  2. Perfection
  3. “I don’t have time”
  4. Hesitation around self-promoting

All four of these showed up and continue to show up as I work on the Elite Achievement Goal Setting Series.

Fear and Perfection

I mentioned that I started to brainstorm for this series in February. I dedicated one of these brainstorm sessions to logistics, and I almost threw in the towel and said “forget it.” I was overwhelmed with choices – What platforms integrate with the email marketing software that I use? What updates would I have to make to my website? What payment providers are out there that I could use to bill for the series? Of course, comparison got in my way when looking at the other programs people had put out there. Since this was my first time doing something like this, I naturally had the expectation that I had to produce a perfect product. And I had to overcome this unrealistic expectation by simplifying, and it is simplifying that allowed me to move forward.


Time was another concern of mine when launching this series. I was especially concerned with continuing to provide top-notch service to my clients with 15 – 20 client conversations per week while also managing to get this series off the ground. Then I realized that if this mattered to me I had to make the time. So, I started blocking time on my calendar to brainstorm and leveraging one of my best strategies: hiring. I hired help to launch this series, realizing that I couldn’t do it on my own and that that is okay.

Fear and Self-Promotion

A major fear that I had when launching this series was promoting it. I was concerned that my content in May would be too focused on EAGSS. However, I also knew that correctly promoting the series was vital if I wanted it to align with my mission and be a success. So, I got to work. I know there’s value from founding member testimonials so a test run of the series was a must (and also ended up being April’s project!). I know that I can’t control who sees my posts and when, so it’s important to put out different messages to attract the right participants for the series. Lastly, I know that I have to be the biggest advocate for myself and my series so that means talking about it a LOT which is what I plan to be doing over this next month!

As you think about your goals for 2021 I have a couple of questions:

  • How clear and compelling is your vision? 
  • How confident are you in achieving your most meaningful 2021 goal? 
  • How supported do you feel on your goal achievement journey?

The Elite Achievement Goal Setting Series can help you find answers to these questions and support you along the way.

Over the next month I’ll be sharing a lot of additional information on the Elite Achievement Goal Setting Series. Registration is now open through June 3rd and you can sign up and learn more about the series by clicking here. You can also head over to my Instagram or LinkedIn where I’ll be promoting and providing more information on the series all month long.