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Getting Out Of My Way To Launch My Podcast

Closing the gap between idea and execution is critical in the goal achievement process. I continue to learn from client conversions that self-doubt and negative thoughts run rampant. I also experience self-doubt, tell myself unproductive stories and feel anxious from time-to-time.

We are one day away from my podcast, Elite Achievement, going live! It still feels a bit unreal to consider myself a podcaster. As I reflect on my journey of getting to this point, I think about the limiting beliefs that almost stopped me from even trying. Below, I outline the four stories I told myself about launching a podcast and how I grew the courage to launch Elite Achievement.

  1. No one will listen. – The truth? My immediate family would at least listen once as an obligation proving this thought not true. How often do we get excited about a new idea or taking action and then tell ourselves something ridiculous so we hinder our own growth? Even if my immediate family refused to listen I still didn’t have the proof that no one would listen because I never tried. If you find yourself avoiding action that can catapult your growth in the direction of your goals start exploring your stories. What proof do you have that the story is true? Is what you are thinking moving you closer to your goals or further away?
  2. There are already so many podcasts. It’s already been done. – I recently heard there are no new messages just new messengers. (thank you universe for that message the week of my podcast launch!) Sure, I might not be the first coach to recommend goal clarity, share how to grow confidence, encourage courageous action or promote consistency but I might be the right coach. It’s my hope you hear the right message, at the right time from the right voice by listening to Elite Achievement.
  3. What if I make someone upset, frustrated or angry? – Of course there is a part of me that wants to be liked (doesn’t that make me human?). Thankfully, I learned a long time ago that it is better to be respected than it is to be liked. I am launching my podcast with the intention to help people maximize their potential and achieve their definitions of success. I am taking a risk sharing my perspectives, insights and feedback around goal achievement but I consider it to be a positive risk. I realized, I don’t want the fear of upsetting a few to keep me from sharing the knowledge I have that can positively impacting thousands.
  4. I’ve never done a podcast before so I am going to be terrible. – See #1. What proof do I have? I have no proof since I haven’t actually launched a podcast. Thankfully, I listened to Unlocking Us and learned we aren’t supposed to be great our first time. With grace in mind, I started to entertain the idea of Elite Achievement. When I still had not launched my podcast near the end of the second quarter, I hired an expert to minimize my fear of never doing this before. I had the ideas and content for Elite Achievement but wanted the help of a professional when it came to editing and taking my podcast from idea to the podcast platforms. I met Elzie through a referral and would recommend him to anyone looking to start a podcast.

Learning to unpack the stories you tell yourself helps close the gap between idea and execution. We like predictability and when we start growing we enter into unfamiliar territory. Working through my limiting beliefs of no one will listen, it’s already been done, I might say the wrong thing and I’ll be terrible helped me grow the courage to sit down in front of the mic to record the first episode. I’ve recorded 11 episodes by the time I publish this post and I am still not an expert podcaster. It is getting a bit easier with each episode and that’s the best part of acting courageously. Showing up and consistently making progress in the direction of our goals helps us become more confident.