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Kristin Burke is a goal achievement coach who collaborates with women, entrepreneurs and leaders to help them maximize their potential and achieve their definitions of success.

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A Reflection on My Second Annual Instagram Live Series in Celebration of Women’s History Month Earlier this year, I hosted my second annual Instagram live series in celebration of Women’s History Month. During that series, I featured four guests who are experts in mindfulness, business strategy, fitness, and networking.  I kicked off the series with […]


Often when envisioning or striving to achieve big goals, we focus on having the best execution strategy or financial plan when what we really need to start with and focus on is our mindset. Of course, no big goal is going to be achieved without a plan and follow through, but if our mindset isn’t […]



A Goal Achievement Best Practice I love this time of the year. It’s planning season for many of my clients, and with planning season comes a renewed sense of hope around what’s possible. It’s also a time when the urgency of achieving a year-end goal is high, which inspires some people to act more intentionally […]



with L.Y. Marlow Hey goal achievers, Kristin here. We all encounter monsters such as regret, worry, guilt, or fear on our goal achievement journeys. And I’m excited that recently, I connected with someone who teaches people how to get rid of those monsters so we can reclaim our power. During our conversation on the Elite […]

anxious achiever


A Discussion with Dr. Susan Bernstein Hey goal achievers, Kristin here. Recently, I was energized to talk with a special guest on my podcast, Dr. Susan Bernstein. I have the pleasure of connecting with Dr. Susan every week in a women’s group I’m a member of, Ellevate Network. I am so grateful for that community […]

quarterly review


Hey goal achievers, Kristin here. Today, I am sharing one of my goal achievement strategies – the quarterly review. I am starting to hear the defeat in people’s voices as they recognize they are off-track from where they thought they would be at the end of this first quarter. So, I am eager to share […]



with LinkedIn Lindsey’s New Masterclass I had the chance to connect with Elite Achievement podcast guest and LinkedIn expert Lindsey McMillion Stemann to discuss some of the exciting things that have happened in her business since our episode aired. Free LinkedIn Masterclass & Course Lindsey, also known as “LinkedIn Lindsey,” is the owner of McMillion […]