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Goal Achievement

What is a Goal Achievement Coach?

As a goal achievement coach, I collaborate with women, leaders and individuals seeking a breakout performance. My mission is to help others maximize their potential and achieve their definitions of success. If you have big goals and need support, challenge or strategy discussions to achieve your goals then I might be your coach. My style blends business coaching with mindset discussions, tracking your priorities and holding you accountable to what you want to achieve. 

I established my breakout plan process after coaching small business start-ups in the financial services industry for over a decade. I’ve seen a lot of people start businesses with the hopes of making it big but failing miserably. I’ve also seen a lot of people preserve through tough times to build incredible businesses. 

My breakout plan consists of four parts – clarity, intentional, tracking and accountability. 

Clarity is knowing what you want and why you want it. You need clarity in the goal achievement process to stay connected to your goals during difficult times. The business owners I coached in my corporate role who succeeded were deeply connected to their why, mission and vision. When they faced adversity, they were able to leverage their goal clarity for the strength needed to continue executing on their plans. The business owners who struggled and often failed lacked goal clarity. 

Intentional is aligning activity and decisions with what you want. Working intentionally means identifying what needs to be prioritized in order for you to achieve your goals. I work with my clients to make sure their calendars reflect their priorities. I believe we all have a pretty good idea of what it will take to achieve our goals but most of the action needed is jam-packed with fear. I also work with my clients to identify the strategies that scare them the most and then create plans to take action through their fear. 

Tracking is appreciating that what gets tracked gets done and learning to recognize progress over perfection. Consistency is key to goal achievement and so often people give up on their strategies because they don’t see instant results. I’ve worked with clients to shift their perspectives on tracking. If people are behind on their goals they often run away from tracking because they don’t want to feel worse. Tracking is vitally important because it helps us evaluate what strategies are working for us and what strategies are working against us. There are a lot of things we can track when it comes to goal achievement, but we usually start with the strategy that scares you most. 

Accountability is accepting responsibility. There will be times when you are crushing it and times when you are falling behind. Goal achievers don’t make excuses. We work together to identify the underlying issues and gaps between idea and execution so you can make progress. You can expect to report progress on the activities we decide to track on each of our calls. Goal achievers recognize they can’t rely on willpower alone, so they partner with a coach to achieve results. 

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