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Goal Achievement

Your Guide To Quarterly Performance Reviews

It’s hard to believe two months of 2020 are already done and we are entering into the final month of the first quarter. In business, it’s important to take time out of working in the business (serving clients and acquiring new clients) to work on the business (visioning and planning).

Conducting a quarterly performance review in March is a great way to execute on this concept and check back in on your yearly goals.

I recommend you block off two hours on your calendar to conduct a performance review and follow an agenda to make the most of your time. If possible, you should conduct your review outside of your office to minimize distractions. 

Quarterly Performance Review Agenda:

  • Re-view your long-term vision. Does your vision still energize you? (If not, re-write!)
    • What are the highlights from your vision? 
  • What is your most meaningful goal for 2020? 
    • What progress did you make towards your goal in the first quarter? 
    • Do you consider yourself to be on-track or off-track and why? 
  • Where did you excel last quarter? 
  • What lessons did you learn last quarter? 
  • What is no longer serving you (beliefs, processes, mindset, habit, etc.) that you need to eliminate in the next quarter? 
  • What is working as you strive to achieve your goals that you want to continue in the next quarter? 
  • What goal do you want to achieve next quarter to set you up for year-end success? 
    • What changes do you need to make to your calendar in the next quarter to achieve your second quarter goal?

Craft a short-term vision for the second quarter to keep your answers to the above questions top of mind. Read your short-term vision daily to maximize your results in the next quarter.