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How to Grow Confidence as a Female Entrepreneur

I was at happy hour with two accomplished and outstanding women when one asked me “how do you grow confidence?” I originally answered her question by sharing the exercises I do on a regular basis to grow my confidence.

I write out my 10 dreams and 1 goal which I implemented after listening to Rachel Hollis’ podcast Rise episode 72. This practice keeps me focused on my vision and the bigger picture of what I am building. I practice gratitude daily which keeps my appreciation high and find my flow through yoga multiple times per week. Finally, being able to nail a tripod headstand is a confidence booster!

I woke up the next morning reflecting on our confidence conversation and realized confidence comes from clarity. Clear language, asking directly for what you want, understanding your ideal client, a clear business model and an outlined client acquisition strategy can all increase confidence. The clearer you are about your brand, who you serve and what you offer the more confident you become. The exercises mentioned above can certainly help you gain clarity. You learn a lot about your priorities when you read through your gratitude journal.

Ultimately, clarity emerges as you keep taking steps towards the business owner you want to become. My client acquisition process, referral strategy and even coaching format have all evolved over time. It’s actually freeing to release yourself of the need to have it all perfectly outlined before beginning.

Confidence comes from knowing you and your processes will improve each time you take action.