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Kristin Burke is a goal achievement coach who collaborates with women, entrepreneurs and leaders to help them maximize their potential and achieve their definitions of success.

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Episode 3 of the Elite Achievement podcast focused on confidence, which is one of my favorite topics, because I think it has a lot to do with the goal achievement journey.  I was on my own journey when I started my career, and continue to be on a journey today, to grow my confidence. I hired my […]


Here we go! I launched my first Elite Achievement podcast episode yesterday, and I’m so excited. Let’s get started with what it’s all about, why I decided to launch a podcast and how this new content will serve you. Most importantly, my goal is to help you maximize your potential and achieve your definitions of success.  […]


Closing the gap between idea and execution is critical in the goal achievement process. I continue to learn from client conversions that self-doubt and negative thoughts run rampant. I also experience self-doubt, tell myself unproductive stories and feel anxious from time-to-time. We are one day away from my podcast, Elite Achievement, going live! It still […]